Friday, January 29, 2010

If you are wondering?

Well there is alot going on right now, and alot has went on since the last time I blogged. Maybe I'll do some memory posts or something. For right now I'm just going to blog about the here and now.

My mind is so filled with alot of crap. Let's see how many I can name...
1.)Well dance competition is coming up. How exciting. The girls go to Showstoppers next weekend. We have been working very hard to prepare. Well I haven't actually done any physical work to prepare, but I'm already mentally exhausted. Bethany has her big musical theater solo called 'My New Philosophy'. I can't wait. Then Bethany and Lynsey have there jazz duet 'Let's Dance'. Then had the whole thing revamped for this year. Last but not least Lynsey and Erica have a big musical theater duet called 'Roomies' (what is this feeling). I will post the songs another day.
2.)We let Lynsey enter the BHS pageant. It's a pain in the rump. But I know she will be beautiful up on that stage. We got the dress, and shoes...But we still have hair, make-up, and nails...
3.) Chris had hernia surgery, and ankle surgery this month...yuck! He tries to be helpful but right now he just isn't...
4.) My Mom comes is 1 month. She is coming to stay with us for 1 month. There is so much to get done. I don't know where to even start.
5.)I know there is more I just can't think of anything....

What have you missed since I was gone?
Harmony and her family left. ( it was a great visit)

Grandma Leon got really sick, and passed away the week before Christmas.

We all traveled to P.A. for the funeral (It was a nice funeral, and I got to spend alot of time with Aunt Toni)

I missed alot of stuff this Sarris Candy order, no baking, no real cooking, no extras of any kind. with that said Christmas was pretty good. I'm very blessed.

My Dad has been sick. If you get the chance you should go and see him. No really you should.
My Mom has been staying with my Dad off and on. I know it's weird. They were married for 25 years and have been apart for 10 years. but Dad hasn't been well and Mom keeps him company, and takes care of him. You may be thinking 'will they get back together?' the answer is NO. They do still have alot of love for one another, but I think they like it the way it is.

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