Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bethany Corin Kirkland

Bethany Corin Kirkland became a Baptized member of the
Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on November 22, 2009.
Bethany asked Papa Farrel to do this great honor for her. Look how happy they both are.
Kelsea was so excited for Bethany, and offered to do whatever she could to help out with the big day. I am so glad that there is such love between the two of them.

Lynsey was so proud of her littlest sister.

I don't have many pictures of just the sisters together. I love this photo. Look at Bethany's face she really knows she is loved by them.
It's really hard for me to get nice photos of Bethany, and Noah together, but they both look really happy here together with their arms around each other.
Looking at this picture I can see that Bethany is really blessed to have such a loving, supportive big brother.The proud Dad, and his little princess.

I am so glad that Bethany choose this path for herself. I couldn't be more pleased.
She is all alone right in one of her favorite spots.
Bethany was so excited that McKayla was able to be here all the way from Pennsylvania.
This is Braxton (cousin from Pennsylvania), Bethany, and Noah.
Kelsea got Bethany the stuffed pig, and Lynsey got Bethany the giant Teddy Bear.

I just love love love this photo of Jackson, Madi, Bethany, and Emma Mae. The love is just oozing out of this photograph.
Bethany caught a ride on Grandpa Beach's walker while he was coming to the church.
Bethany with Nanny before the program.
Grandma Pat lead the music, and Sister McVeigh was very sweet and played the piano.
Aunt Courtney gave the opening prayer.
Aunt Amanda gave a talk on Baptism. I must say I've never heard this talk with blankets as examples, but it was wonderful. She said something like just like Heavenly Father has love for you, I have love for these blankets. The blankets were her children's baby blankets. These blankets will get dirty from time to time, just like you will sin. I wouldn't throw these blankets away I would wash them and make them clean again. Heavenly Father loves you so much that when you sin he has made a way for you to be clean again. It was a wonderful talk, and I'm not doing it justice by any means. But Bethany loved it and totally got it, and she was so xcited to get a special blanket.
Mommy (me) gave a talk on the Holy Ghost. I told Bethany that the Holy Ghost would be very helpful to her. I also told Bethany that with her being my most sensitive child that the Holy Ghost would comfort her just like her bunny Emma does, but that we cannot see the Holy Ghost. He is that still small voice.
This is Bethany right after she was Baptized. She was wet from head.....
to tiny toes....LOL

She is so blessed to have such great sisters. They helped her get redressed in record time.
I can't get over how happy she is here.

The day was just wonderful. After the Baptism we all went out to Grandma Pat's and had seafood gumbo, and chocolate delight. Yummy!! Bethany really couldn't have been more pleased. I wish I would have asked the Brothers in the confirmation circle to take a picture together with Bethany. I wish that I would have had a picture of Sister Pittman and Bethany (she welcomed her into Primary). I wish I would have had a picture of the Bishop with Bethany. I wish I would have got a picture with Bethany, and Uncle Josh. I wish I would have got one photo with Jonathon and Bethany. I wish I would have got one photo of Ethan and McKenzie with Bethany. I wish I would have got a picture of the new special blanket that Aunt Amanda gave Bethany. Last but not least I wish I would have taken just one photo at Pat's of us all eating dinner. Yall will just have to imagine those pictures......

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Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh Echo --- such a SWEET and wonderful day and how blessed to have such LOVE between your family members and such support!! - I am crying!
I am so happy for you.
What a blessing
and your little girl is so beautiful.
How lucky she is to have such a beautiful mommy. -- Laura Bean