Friday, May 15, 2009

Photo Story Friday: Lynsey Sweet Sixteen Invites

PhotoStory Friday
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Lynsey's Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party is coming up. We wanted to do something different with the invites. So, I thought photo invites for her friends would be AWESOME. I didn't want to pay someone. I thought I could take the pictures myself. So she did her own hair, slapped on a crown, used the homecoming dress from last year, and we headed to the overlook by Spanky's.

I want to say a few things right now:

1.) Lynsey is a really pretty girl. I have never really seen a bad picture of her. I have seen funny, strange, beautiful, to grown, ect. However, I have never seen a picture of her that I thought was ugly. (I know Lynsey will read this and I want her to know that I love her and don't take any comments personally;)

2.) I am by no means a photographer. I take pictures of the kids but I am not a professional, and I never thought I was. I just wanted 1 or 2 good shots to use. I took 100 pictures that afternoon. It was hard to choose in the end.

Back to the story. Well as we were driving there it just got darker and darker. It was really cloudy and we thought we would get rained on. Also, the wind was really bad. You'll see. The wind never really stopped.

Here we go.....

Well the island goes right through her head. She is facing what would be sun behind the cloud and her eyes are all squinty.

Bangs in her face. Was a good idea. I just couldn't pull it together.

This is something that I really liked. I love her leg kicked up like that. I love her up shoulder, and her poked out bum. I do not love her upper arm, but we can't be perfect.

We thought under this tree would be nice. Then I realized no one wants a picture of an armpit.

I say Lynsey go over by that tree. Those first tree pictures were really uncomfortable for her and for me. I didn't know what to tell her. I just kept saying get closer. Maybe if she would've been closer.

We took a break so she could look at what I took, and told me what she liked and wanted to keep doing. She likes the idea of the tree. I also told her about not smashing her arm against her self. Well that leads us to this picture.

Then she started getting really comfortable with the tree. I like this against the tree.

We liked the flowers. Put this looks like she doesn't and she is doing push ups. Sort of very square.

I said 'Hey lets do one just for Aunt Amanda. You know the pose she loves.'

Lynsey decided that I wasn't taking them from her best angle and took some herself.

Back to the tree. Only this looks like she has no hands, and it's another good shot of an armpit.

Bethany climbed a tree and the pictures are good. They are at the end. So, with high heels on Lynsey climbed the tree. I like this photo. It was one of my favorites.

I took some of Lynsey from the angle she likes. To bad the flower almost took out her eye.

Peek a boo I see you.

This is a proof of the invite. They are going to be 5 x7. Pretty cool. After the party all of her friends will have a really great picture of her with a crown. I guess it is alittle self absorb, but we'll let her be the princess for awhile. Hee hee ;)

These are a few shots I took of Bethany that I really liked.

I think this summer I would like to take the rest over there and snap some photos. All in all I think I didn't fine enough.


kaye said...

fun idea and fun photo shoot. your girls are darling. Here’s my photo story happy Friday!

Wayne said...

hey great photo friday I like the crown

Lynsey said...

ha that was kinda imbarrassing but i guess you gotta always have people comment on certain individuals!!!

gigi said...

Just be glad you aren't graded by a teacher on these photo's. It's so much harder thatn one thinks to get a good picture. No wonder we end up takeing over a 100.

kathy said...

I think the invitation turned out awesome! Oh, to be 16 again----if only I knew then what I know now!

Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

Okay you weren't kidding 100 photos!! Oh my.. I love your reasons why you don't like the shots.. I thought a lot of them were fabulous!

heck just photoshop out the arm!
getting cozy with the tree how funny!