Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Disney 2009

Disney vacation 2009. List of all who went. Chris, Echo, Lynsey, Kelsea, Christopher, Bethany, Noah, Grandma Pat, Josh, Amanda, Jonathon, Jackson, Madi, and Emma Mae. Guest Stars are Bill and Sandy Ryan.

So we left on a Thursday night. This is me trying to take a picture of all of the kids in the van through the Mommy Mirror.

Friday Morning

We went to Chef Mickey's for Breakfast. I love this picture of Jonathon even though his hand is unclear. His face is so excited.

Goofy and the kids

They brought Jonathon a cupcake with a candle on it for his Birthday.

Party on Noah
Minnie stopped by. I love her.
Then the star himself. Mickey Mouse. Noah decided that his nose was the best part.
Jackson agreed.
I love this picture of Noah with Mickey.
We're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship....
June and Quincy Jackson Noah and Emma Mae
I think I was more excited about JoJo than Bethany was. When Bethany was little she loved Jojo's Circus. We had the soundtrack, dolls, clothes....She said she didn't care about getting her picture done with them, but I have a feeling that she really liked it.
Jojo with Bethany
Goliath, Jojo and Bethany
I don't really know if Noah really remembered them but he sure acted like he did.
Lightin McQueen, Mater, Madi, Emma Mae, and Jonathon

Lightin' McQueen, Mater, Christopher, Kelsea, Lynsey, Bethany, and Noah.

We love the Incredibles
Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl

Frozone best friend to Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl. All around good guy and my favorite of the day. He was just cool.

Guest Star Bill Ryan thought that he was as cool as Frozone. Hee Hee

Amanda and I thought we could be as cool as Frozone.

Amand and I were just walking down the street and we saw this women. I am going to let Amanda tell this story, but I will tell you that later on I found out who she really was. I will give all that info after Amanda tells the story of our meeting. Hee Hee
Saturday Morning we went to the Crystal Palace and had breakfast with Winne The Pooh and Friends.


I wonder if when he gets home he doesn't want to be touched? Or do you think he hates to be petted?

The star of the morning Winne The Pooh

This is me waving at you from the Dumbo ride.

These are our wild animals

This is Noah. He was totally beat. While we pin traded he took a nap.
I don't think this is one of my most creative posts but I think it is my longest. There are just so many pictures. I will post soon the videos I took now they are funny.


gigi said...

Those are wonderful pictures and what great memories yall made as a family!!

Amanda said...

I totally thought that lady was Liza Minelli. Yeah, wrong time period, but she totally looked like Liza. She was my fave thing we saw all day because she stayed in character the whole time she was out. Even while I was standing there trying to take a pic she was saying she needed to go have her afternoon tantrum. I did get a little embarrassed for myself, later, when Echo told me who she was. Wrong decade. oops.

Anonymous said...

So who was the lady??

Reluctant Housewife said...

Fun post. What a big group of cute kids. I love the shot of you and Amanda with Frozone. I miss Amanda, she hasn't posted anything in ages.

Was it the happiest place on earth? It looks like it from your pictures.