Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Christopher & Noah's Birthday

Well I asked the boys 'What do yall want to do for your Birthday this year?' Their Birthdays are April 18 & 19 so we do them together. They really wanted to go camping. I mean what boy wouldn't? So a camping we must go. (I have always loved camping.)
Christopher is 11, and Noah is 5.

this was the reason they wanted to go camping so badly. Grandma bought a tent for Christopher for Christmas and he just had to sleep in it.

this is Noah sleeping in the tent.

This is Christopher trying to sleep in the tent.

This is the fire. I just love a good campfire.

You might be asking yourself. Well camping sounds fun and all but what do you do all day at camp? Well here you go.

Talk and relax......Or you could pose for a picture by scratching your face with a certain finger.....Hee Hee(I just couldn't post it)

Hang around

Torture your baby sister

Play with someone's camera when she wasn't looking and get a picture.

Play with the fire

Watch everyone else play games.

Borrow your anunt's camera and take a picture of your baby sister. (by Jackson)

Play on the four wheeler....

Pretend to drive the four wheeler....

Play games like Yatzee and Skip Bo all day and most of the night.

Let's not forget about eating. You get to eat Breakfast, lunch, and dinner of course. But then there are snacks all day. and yummy s'mores at night.

The kids loved being able to ride their bikes everywhere.

They also loved going to the parks. One was right beside us, the other was across the park.

We had such a good time this weekend. I am so glad everyone enjoyed it. We loved it so much we are planning on going Memorial Day weekend, and The 4th of July.


gigi said...

I grew up camping and don't really miss it. Just love a motel. I don't think I ever stayed in one until I got married.

Looks like yall had a great time though. I think camping and kids just go together!

The Griffis 4 said...

looks like yall had fun!!! good times!! hey...on another note..are you & chris interested in doing the music for my sisters wedding reception on AUgust 1st. let me know!! Thanks!

Amanda said...

Christon- Josh and I will be married 11 years on August 1st!! How funny!!

Echo- I couldn't have had more fun if I'd been caught in a designer clothes storm with a suitcase. What a total blast!! Can't wait for more. Hope we get something bigger than a pop up for the next excusion!! Blue hole here I come!!

Lynsey said...

ha it wa pretty funn. tooo bad i cant go for memorial day weekednd!!!