Saturday, July 5, 2008

To Camp or Not To Camp

To Camp or Not To Camp that is the question.

The answer is always 'To Camp'

We have been camping the last to weekends in our camper. I will have to take pictures of the camper and post them on my blog. It is sure isn't the nicest on the lot but it's not a tent.
I grew up camping. My sister still takes her kids camping every year for over a week to the campground we grew up at called Tub Run. I always wondered how it got that name. I mean Tub Run really isn't a great name unless it has a great story behind it.
I have alot of really great memories camping with my family and I hope my children will have alot of great camping memories too. The only difference is that when I was a kid there were alot of families that went camping and now it is only us. I mean don't get me wrong we love it but it would be alot more fun if other families (amanda, courtney, the pittman's, or my karin) loved it like we did. Maybe one day. I mean it is possible right.

then again I wonder how we find the time we are always so busy and the last two weekends it seemed like alot just to get out of town. BUT then when we get here there is a calmness, and a togetherness, that I just can't explain. I mean we see our kids everyday but camping we experience our kids.

I really think it is cheating the way we camp. I mean we have all the comforts of home like AC, TV, WiFi, Water, Electric BUT we still love it.

Happy 4th of July Everyone.

luv ya


Amanda said...

Josh and I would love to go camp with you. Give me just a couple of years to let Emma Mae get big enough and we will be there with bells on. I'm glad you are having such a good time. Love you, too.

Harmony said...

I love camping!. this year we spent plenty of time on Mommy Island.

UtahGma&Gpa said...

Echo, I enjoy reading your blog. It helps keep me up-to-date with my Georgia family.

Also, you have been tagged, again. Love, Aunt Carolyn